There are important things to consider when vetting and renting your space because many individuals may fall under a federally protected class.

In Washington, DC and throughout MD there are more protected classes than anywhere in the country. This means tenant selection can be particularly complex in this environment. Refusal to rent to anyone in a MD, DC or Federally defined protected class may be breaking the Fair Housing laws.

When working with Goldberg Group, you partner with us because of our experience and compliance in this area. Most of the time the leasing process is not complicated. Our job is to make you aware of your possible risk and take mindful care of your property.


When you turn your investment or property into a rental business, it’s essential great care is taken to limit any possible liability. From DCRA property inspections to Fair Housing compliance, we walk you through your obligations. We are interested in providing high quality, safe and rent ready properties for your tenants to live in. DC & MD laws are complicated and there are some risks involved. Having a solid management team is essential to reducing legal exposure and having a good management experience.