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At Goldberg Group Property Management, we pride ourselves on making life easier for our tenants every day. Whether you are a prospective tenant wanting to fill out a rental application for one of our properties or a current tenant wanting to request maintenance or smoke detector checks, you can enjoy the convenience of doing all this from the comfort of your own home.

We provide numerous request services online, including:

Are you experiencing problems with your property that need to be fixed quickly? Do you need to see if smoke detectors are functioning properly? Whatever issues you may be having, our highly-trained team is here to help you and ensure that you can get back to normal daily life as soon as possible!

Paying Rent Electronically

Do you ever look at your calendar and realize that rent is due soon? If you ever forget to pay rent or drop it off, we offer an easy and convenient solution! With our online payment system, you can enjoy a fast, easy, and secure way to pay your monthly bill from the convenience of your own computer. Once you sign up, you can view and pay your bills 24/7 through the Owner Portal, set up automatic payments, sign up for automatic reminder emails, and even review your payment history.

Speak with our Montgomery County property management team!

Whether you are a prospective or current tenant, we are here to provide exceptional services that are customized to your unique needs. Enjoy our easy-to-use online services, and get back to your daily routine faster than ever. Our goal is to make the rental process simplified! Contact our representatives today at (301) 233-6501 and find out more about the current properties that are available.

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